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  • This young and attractive woman may seem a shy overly at first but if you are into hottest blondes, Ashley is a great choice for you. Surely, a bit of time is needed for her to overcome her shyness but once she gets going, she pulls out all the barriers to get you excited and to give you such a remarkable kind of pleasure as she can only. This slim and gentle lady with nice looking surely is suitable to most of your plans for tonight but be aware that one more glance at her sexy curves might change them just to stay in her company for some more time... So there is no reason for you to don’t pick this elite model to be by your side tonight.

  • This sultry brunette is a hot girl, who think that to look great every moment of her life, to look like the best one for those around her, is very important. She truly believes that beauty, love and positive companionship are the most important things in the human life. To maintain her perfect appearence, being the real example of elite escort, Carolina uses all kind of fitness facilities and really enjoys getting close to nature, such as spending time in the park or at the ocean coast. Just be the best person you can be - is the true way to happy and fulfilled life, to feeling positive and rosily, and surely, to share this feeling with every person around

  • Long curly hair, luscious soft lips and ideally rounded butt are only some of this beautiful girl’s fabulous natural assets. Matched with her inviting personality and professional skills that help her to get every man excited and to break the ice in most of awkward situations - Rianna is an bright example of talented young girl who is really represents what it’s means to be an elite female escorts. We know how to choose true professionals and agreeably that only the best women work with our VIP service. Please, be sure, our Houston entertainers know how to find the best way to please her man and to make him happy. So, what are you waiting for...

  • As the owner of the most sexiest forms in Houston combined with easy temper, this stunning escort easy turns every moment of her dating into an experience that surely won’t be forgotten. Full of amazing abilities and exciting fantasies, Diamond is one of our most popular girls and we encourage our clients to book this companion in advance. Once you hire her, you’ll see why. She is sexy, friendly, smart and definitely knows the art of entertain her men. Her own special gifts that every guy enjoys and if you get ready to experience exotic ways of surprising you, welcome! With one call to VIP service you can enjoy them in 1 hr

  • This young and lovely blonde remains to be one of those remarkable girl, who every guy, once having a dating with, will want to be booking again and again. With friendly, vivacious, open-minded personality, matched with her long blonde luxurious hair - that she likes to toss in her own sexual manner - and slim toned young body, Evangelina has that good old-fashioned girl next-door appearance, that so naturally and easy leads to comfortable and unforgettable impressions of dating, starting from first minutes acquaintance and ending by sweet farewell moments. Don’t take our word for it though. Just give us a call to pick the date and place

  • You’ll be amazing how much remarkable and full of exciting revelations may be your time if you decide to spend it with professional entertainer of world-class level. This dirty-blonde, is one of our experienced girls in Houston, and during her long-time work with VIP service she’ve learned a lot of ways that are aimed at achieving of feelings of real pleasure and wonderful emotions at guy, she has a date with. With her beautiful face and pearly white smile, shrouded by golden curls of her blonde hair she is very suit for social events but when the lights are off she gives you what you expect from elite young woman with full set of natural assets..

  • If you would like to recreate those golden times when you was young and full of sincere feelings, to reanimate those beautiful moments of your life that make up the best and unforgettable part of your memories about those days that remain in mind, about those sleepless and happiest nights full of love and desires...) yes, this Houston escorts is ideal possibility to plunge to world of pleasure of first kisses and true passion. Romantic and sensual entertainer who in her 22 year remains such a nicely cutie with her childish sexuality and teen nature. We sure, your date with this young lady will help to refresh superbly your soul and body

  • When you book her, all what you’re getting it’s an enjoyment. Enjoyment of the company of excellent representative of elite female escort. As an experts in this business we don’t promise you anything other than unforgettable pastime right there in your personal space with fully trained and qualified professional entertainer who can be in front of you less than one hour from your booking moment... and who is not just a gorgeous taut sexy lady with outstanding natural assets; Just give us a call and you’ll see that this young brunette knows very well also what that means - to please her client completely and make him happy

  • Perfectly uninhibited and highly trained, this beautiful young woman is remarkable example of a true personal female escorts who’ll never disappoint his guy because she always has in mind any surprising ideas how to do something new and exciting. This one of our most popular lady to book well in advance because with her sexy appearance, playful ready-for-fun mentality, she is known among our clients as most spontaneous and vivacious lady who is full of exciting possibilities and nevertheless she definitely knows the art of seducing any kind of men’s nature. We sure you’ll enjoy spending time with this stunning and very friendly girl

  • She is sexy, she is gentle, she is capable of being either casual or formal, and she is the kind of girl who knows how to make day or night of any guy the adventure of a lifetime. Nelly is a sweet young girl who might be is shy on first sight, but as soon as it comes to dancing or anything kind of it, she loves to be the center of attention and to turn everyone’s head in her direction. And although, to show up her desires and hints via words - isn’t her favorite activity, but this feature of her mentality is more than compensated by ability to skilfully use language of her perfect body for communicating with a man. And you’ll be her, when she engage you that way.

  • A very professional and being for long time our elite Houston model, Mia knows many secrets of the seducing and has a lot of unrivaled ways to bring joy and pleasure to every guy she made a date with. She is one of our most popular escorts in Houston for her very spontaneous and friendly personality, and our loyal customers know her as a charming and personable girl with lots of experience whose graceful ways of seducing can turn client on instantaneously. A true passionate girl with a highest level of body proportion and beautiful face and we sure that you will find her as the best example of perfect escort that you can enjoy in Houston.

  • Again we are here to introduce to our customers next perfect example of professional escort. A young beautiful woman with long brunette curls that so lovely frame her attractive and intelligent face with unforgettable blue eyes. It doesn’t matter if she is just dining with you among sunny day so lovely talking about her life stories, or, at quiet night you are spending a romantic date at home, the result will be the same, you’ll be impressed by her true feminine nature and ability to treat you with high quality of well-trained entertainer. This is the power of really upscale service. Call us and be ready to wholly new level of relax.

  • Due to her fun-loving and extremely passionate nature, this young beauty is one of our most selectable girls for parties or any kind of club activities. Being a fashion expert and excellent guide in the world of this one, she adores dressing to the nines and always has stands out even amid stylish goers of fashion or so events. She very loves of posing for the photos, can do it natively without hesitation and will never be caught by surprise, aimed at her camera lens, skillfully taking the right pose, most advantageous at the moment. Cute owner of sexy appearance, she fills her guy’ life with a special vibe easily and without doubts.

  • This extravagant brunette with passionate nature and slender tanned body stands as one of our most popular Houston escorts who our loyal clients try to book in advance. "I love being an escort because I love getting and giving," she says, "My body is so gorgeous and my personality is such an extraordinary thus I’m never going to apologize for what I do or what I’ve done! What’s wrong with that? To me, companionship is the art of knowing what my man really wants from truely elite master; and giving it to him in a way that takes his breath away, I get to throw out all his troubles away and really have fun, sharing it with my man"

  • Loving her body, practicing yoga and firmly convinced that the main thing in relationship between people isn’t at all an outward attraction but an inner union of two souls, of two humanity natures, that is rare enough but only this connection exciting her completely and she considers the beginning of this feeling on a date as an only real sign of professional escort service. Flexible, miniature young lady with a very well-built figure and attractive blue eyes - slightly philosophical and very attentive to the mood of her client- she remains as a strong aftertaste even after several dating thanks to her ability to create awaited impressions without tips.