Escorts rules

1.Don’t cancel the appointment without a reasonable excuse, or just excuse! Don’t wait until the last hour - it sounds terribly rude and even cheapy. In case of rescheduling, let the agency know about it. Never ask rude, stupid and pointless questions. The best policy is to avoid such questions in the first place - otherwise you stand a chance to be ignored.

2.Don’t talk on and on – respect the precious time of everyone. Talking about your date with some stud in Paris or about your theories on genetic engineering, religion, gay marriages all evening long is pointless. This is you who waste your time doing nothing instead of enjoying yourself in a good company. Use your time wisely, the most precious thing that people have.

3.Going on dinner, ask her what kind of food she prefers beforehand. Be a gentleman, after all. Don’t think she will have anything you order. Again treat her with great respect. The policy is if you treat her well, she will treat you well right back. Just think about your escort like any other date, court her, flatter her and just be cool. You’re good at this for sure.

4.Get dressed well - tuxedo, bow tie, something in this fashion is entirely optional surely. Just get dressed well, because good clothes speak for itself. Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak. What a strange power is in clothing, so put on your Sunday best. Remember, ladies give their preference to gentlemen. Prepare for the meeting as you would have a date. A touch of cologne behind the ears and on the wrists sounds awesome. Stick to this rule, but don’t exaggerate, don’t slather yourself in scent

5.Introduce yourself - be polite as if you would with a girl you had never met in your life. Employ normal good manners – this way you show her your respect and appreciation. Ask rather than demanding, say goodbye in the end, and take off your hat, when a lady is in the room and so on. And you will be astonished how much of a difference it will make in your experience, a brilliant one. Also keep in mind that it’s all about business, thus don’t ask for her cell number, it’s inappropriate and may end up badly.

6.Have a small talk, if you’re shy. Talk about anything and everything – any topic is suitable except gays, racist topics, religion, politics, and so on. Breathe in and out, keep balance and try to get on well with her. You see, it’s a must. Good talk is what that’s really important. Tell something about yourself, ask her what movies does she like, does she have a pet, is she a theatre-goes, and so on. Act naturally as if you were on a real date. Be confident and funny – these two are the things you cannot do without.

    *In a nutshell, consider your escort as a professional, pay compliments and show your appreciation, this way you will in good spirits gaining the best experience of a lifetime. Just be an knight in shining amours and treat her like a lady. Believe me, you will see the difference.