Donations to charity. General rules.

1. Charity must be tax-deductible and, overall, charitable activity is a great way to relief your tax burden; of course, it's the best to consult with your accountant about charitable contribution deduction against your income tax but here a little tips like an easy guide how to reduce your tax bill this way. First and foremost you have to make your donations to a qualified charity. What does it mean?

2. Political, lobbying or your interests are should not be touched by activity of charity you donate to and you can't receive anything in return. These charities should be designated by IRS as a 501(c)(3) organisation to qualify a tax-deductible contribution. Always contact their staff for detail info.

3.You should keep track of all of your donations, duly document your charitable giving and make sure that all your receipts are correctly dated for the same calendar year as a your tax return, i.e. under Dec 31 of the due year. Your donations, including all other deductions, must be in excess of the standard deduction and you may need to use your receipts if it would be recomended to itemize your deduction.

    *If you would like to offer for consideration another highly rated, enough followed, local or international charity that is worth highliting, that deserve your support, that is fiscally responsible and execute their mission with exceeding industry standards, please let us know and we will add this exeptional charity to our list.